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An exhibition exploring the fine print of our consumer choices.

Novel Beings // A Novel Approach


You must have heard the expression “spring has come early this year?” Well, as it turns out, the beautiful verges and village greens in full bloom may not be as wild as you would expect. In fact, those unseasonal spring flowers could actually be non-native species brought over from warmer climates.

The definition of a wildflower is “a flower that is uncultivated or a flower growing freely without human intervention”.


Many local garden centres will provide flower seeds and plugs that look like these beautiful wildflowers, but they are actually bred to be different colours and serve other purposes, but they are not infact, the real McCoy.


If you wish to plant flowers, it is important that you identify why. If, for instance, you decide to plant flowers with the idea of making a difference to the ailing bee population, it is crucial that the flowers you select are actually beneficial to the bees.


Ask the supplier about the seed origin (the place in the wild from where the original seeds or plants were collected) and their provenance (the location of the nursery where the plants were grown) to ensure you getting what you really want and actually need. Pollen rich flowers are wonderful attractions for bees and butterflies, but if the seed you are purchasing is covered in harmful pesticides, they could do more harm than good, as pesticides are a huge factor in the decline of our bee population.

Although awareness about the situation is on the increase, sadly there is still a grave disassociation with how integral bees are to our very survival. They help produce at least 75% of our vital crops and without bees and insects it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion per year to pollinate crops synthetically, and that will no doubt hike food prices beyond consumers reach.

People are taking action but unfortunately, as in so many other areas of conservation, often with little effect, because they have neglected to read the fine print; to just dig a little deeper into the things that really matter.


As the proverb goes “The road to hell is paved with the good intentions.”

Like the bees, wildflowers are essential to biodiversity and the longevity of our planet.



All the materials used were repurposed after the show. The flowers and meadow mat were planted.The jars were used for candle making, and the copper pipe will be  usedor donated for further artworks.

Meadow Mat kindly sponsored by Harrowden Turf Ltd

Copper pipe

Pickiling jars

Wild Flower plugs from British Wild Flower Plants



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