The Beauty Impact

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

I am delighted to announce that I will be chairing a talk on Sustainable Beauty on 27 September in Berlin.


The event was a joyful success. Curious minds came together and engaged, and I hope, walked away with a better understanding of how they can make better consumer choices for longterm sustainability.

Presented by The Lissome x Untainted for the Lissome Way Events series and hosted by one of my favourite clean beauty retailers;

Tickets are € 12 and include snacks, drinks, a gift and 15% discount for purchase through Amazingy. The event will be held at Amazingy Store in Berlin at 6:30pm

What is the current state of beauty in society? What are the implications of our beauty habits? Can switching to clean beauty make a significant impact on the sustainability of our health and the environment, while still meeting our expectations? What does the future of beauty look like?

We discuss all these questions and more!

I hope to see you there (if you're in Berlin of course).

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